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Cofounding Generalist Developer/Engineer

Cofounding Generalist Developer/Engineer Position with Dillo Interactive. Located in Austin Tx preferred. 

Sorry we can not accept people outside the US.

This position will help lead our development and engineering department, joining our 3 person team.

What You Need

  • A strong engineering background. This can come in many forms. No strict years of experience required.
  • Experienced engineer with deep familiarity with C# and the Unity engine.
  • Mobile development experience is a MUST and console/pc nice to have.
  • Ingrained sense of ownership and accountability. You own the work you do, and a significant portion of the company. High standard for quality and drive to be proud of everything we ship.
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team, elegantly fluctuating between the two as required.
  • Understanding of a startup environment.

What You’ll Do

  • Architect and implement major code systems that further the development of current and future titles.
  • Build robust architecture that remains performant for title lifespan.
  • Learn from and mentor other teammates, setting the standard for engineering excellence.
  • Wear many hats, joining a young team in which your role will likely evolve multiple times.
  • Work closely with other team members providing your opinions even if they are outside the scope of your expertise. (Your opinions matter!)

What Will Help You Succeed

  • Excellent communication skills, on engineering project timelines, and ability to concisely convey opinions across aspects of game design and production.
  • Comfortable working in a highly agile team that ships fast. We want to be able to make demos as fast as ideas catch on.
  • A collaborative mindset.


DOE and Negotiable. Compensation will be in the form of equity and payments. You will be a founding member and Co-owner of the company.

About us

Dillo Interactive started as a side project. As we are in year 4, we finally put out our first flag ship ~ My Little Blood Cult on December 14th 2023 and have hit 50,000 downloads in just 2 months.

Our mission is to make 1 game a year and run marketing first game campaigns. This means if people like the initial ideas we work as fast as possible to grind a beta out to market. This way we aren’t wasting time on bad ideas and stay nimble each month.

Currently we are a team of 3, with multiple contractors available and we usually offset company costs with contract work with other studios/marketing agencies etc.

We usually focus on Cute, Cozy or Collecting and stay in a 2d style (for now) because its easier to move fast that way.

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Whether you want to work with us or for us, feel free to drop us a line! We are always looking for fun projects and talented individuals.

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